Joe Rogan doubles down: (Paddy Pimblett) shouldn’t have won at UFC 282

Alongside Dave Portnoy, UFC commentator Joe Rogan discussed Paddy Pimblett’s victory against Jared Gordon.

The two lightweights squared off at UFC 282 in Las Vegas the previous month. Even though Paddy had only competed three times in the UFC, he was granted the co-main event slot.

Although he hasn’t been in the business for very long, he has already established himself as a star. This was mostly because of promotional deals like the one he has with Barstool Sports.

Pimblett had success in his first three matches but did not do very well in his fourth one. Despite being a huge underdog going into the match, Gordon dominated much of the event. However, Pimblett was given the victory through unanimous decision.

This match between Pimblett and Gordon was one of the most controversial matches in recent times. Judge Douglas Crosby received criticism for his decision after awarding the British all three rounds. The decision angered many people, including UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

When the verdict was given, a video of the podcaster rolling his eyes was seen.

Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports saw Rogan’s reaction video and the two discussed it on a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

In the light-hearted discussion, Rogan told Portnoy that he believed Paddy Pimblett deserved to lose the match.

David Portnoy stated:

“I got to walk in with Paddy in London when the crowd was chanting his name. That is still maybe the best thing I’ve gotten to do. I can’t imagine being a fighter in the tunnel coming out, there really is nothing like it in sports. By the way, I saw you roll your eyes when Paddy won [at UFC 282].”

Rogan retorted quickly by saying, “He shouldn’t have won.”

Portnoy then replied, “I thought it was a close decision.”

Rogan then stated:

“Eh, I thought Jared won. I thought Jared Gordon won that fight. It was a good fight, it certainly wasn’t a blowout. It wasn’t one of those fights where there was no f*cking way [Pimblett didn’t win], it was a close fight.”