Joe Rogan on Bud light: Bars are refusing to sell it because it’s causing incidents

UFC Featherweight Bill Algeo made headlines with his octagon interview and win against TJ Brown. Algeo made humorous remarks and a reference to Bud Light catching attention amidst the recent controversy surrounding the brand’s partnership with transgender model Dylan Mulvaney.

Joe Rogan previously defendedthe Bud Light partnership during a recent episode of his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” by arguing that it spreads the brand to another group of people. And countered saying that the company didn’t even sell the product with Mulvaney’s face – it was more of a stunt.

Now it seems like there’s been an update.

Rogan recently hosted his longtime collaborator Brian Redban on the podcast and the two talked about the troubles Bud light is still facing.

Trans TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney’s endorsement of Bud Light has created a brand crisis, with a 75% drop in the brand’s popularity with the general population and a 21% decrease in sales from March to April, even as competitors saw sales increase.

AB InBev sold $4.8bn worth of Bud Light in America last year. Marketing the drink is complex, as it is consumed by people from all walks of life. Bud Light’s success depends on its ability to connect with different market segments.

YouGov’s tracking data shows that Bud Light’s overall impression among twentysomething women improved while it tanked among Republicans. The crisis has created a reaction to the reaction that has driven a boycott, creating more reaction.

Rogan told Redban there are even business that refuse to sell it because it’s causing incidents:

“Has there ever been a business ever in the history of businesses that got hit with a boycott like Bud Light did? Who f**ing saw that coming? Who saw that coming? I mean, they fired two CEOs, right? Yeah, that’s crazy. I image they’re down something like 21%. Mm hmm. Which is wild. That’s so much, man. Like there’s bars that refuse to sell it.”