Joe Rogan & Nickal blast Biden’s mental state over something Trump actually said

Renowned UFC commentator Joe Rogan hosts one of the most popular podcasts in the world titled the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Middleweight star Bo Nickal made an appearance on one of the most recent episodes.

When talking about US President Joe Biden and former US President Donald Trump, the pair made a mistake. This particular conversation touched upon the perceptions of US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, sparking a vibrant discussion.

During their candid dialogue, the two were chatting about how they thought Biden’s claim that there weren’t enough airports during the Revolutionary War was problematic. But upon further investigation through source material presented by JRE producer Jamie, it was revealed that Biden was referencing an earlier misstep by Trump in 2019, creating a moment of misinformation.

Following the episode, numerous viewers reacted to clips shared from the show. Their responses shed light on contrasting perspectives, and some of the comments were as follows:

“This was satisfying to watch.”

“Hilarious how its irredeemable if Biden did it but since Trump did it its “whoops he fu***d up anyways””

“Lmfao @joerogan still gonna claim he ain’t for trump or a republican😭”

“This is beautiful, shows the absolute hypocrisy of Rogan”

“I’m glad the show promotes and executes real time fact checks I’m more glad they air the mistakes”

This instance is not the sole occurrence where Rogan has voiced skepticism about President Biden. During an episode featuring political pundit Bill Maher, both individuals seemed critical of Biden’s cognitive abilities. They also expressed doubts about his mental acuity.

Additionally, stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan’s appearance further highlighted divergent views on Biden and Trump, albeit with an underlying recognition of Biden’s potential cognitive decline.

Stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan also appeared on Joe Rogan Experience to talk about parallels between Trump and Biden. The two seemed be at odds nnearly everything pertaining to Trump (who was seen at UFC 296 cageside cheering on Colby Covington) and Biden.