Joe Rogan Lauds 21-Year-Old who dared to spar Floyd Mayweather

Since his last match against UFC superstar Conor McGregor in 2017, Floyd Mayweather has not engaged in a full-fledged training regimen. Even after five years, the man’s ring IQ and reflexes are commendable. It’s incredible that Mayweather is still unrivalled.

His two-round sparring match with aspiring YouTuber Jarvis has thrilled the boxing community. The latter looked in amazing form, but Mayweather’s skills made him look like a novice.

The practice match Mayweather had with the YouTuber was a chance to get ready for his high-profile exhibition match. This will take place in the UK on February 25 at the O2 Arena in London. There, he will compete against Aaron Chalmers, a Geordie Shore star who stepped in at the last minute. Mayweather previously said that he would face Leeds-born Muay Thai fighter Liam Harrison in the bout. Sadly, it didn’t work out since Harrison withdrew due to an injury.

Finally, Mayweather is ready for an exhibition match. Interestingly, his sparring video is also garnering notice. The renowned UFC analyst Joe Rogan discussed the video in the most recent edition of his podcast and praised Mayweather’s abilities. He also praised the 21-year-old who was courageous in keeping up with Mayweather.

Rogan discussed Mayweather’s boxing prowess with American mixed martial artist Paul Felder during their conversation. In general, boxers get slower as they age. But this is not the case with Mayweather.

Rogan stated, “Playing with them and moving away from them. Whoever this guy is, I guess he’s a YouTuber. The kid had an excellent account of himself because even though Floyd was tagging them, he didn’t shy away. He kept moving forward. He was just.”

Then, he discussed how Mayweather is one of the finest defensive fighters of all time because of his awareness of his opponent’s strategy. We’ll have to wait and watch how he presents himself in the future show.