Joe Rogan heaps praise on Dillon Danis for epic promotion of Logan Paul feud

Dillon Danis is currently gearing up to face off against Logan Paul on October 14. In a bid to generate hype for the match, Danis has taken to social media. He targeted not only Paul but also his fiance, the Danish model Nina Agdal.

Following the announcement of Agdal and Paul’s engagement, Danis took to Twitter and shared images of Agdal alongside her former partners. This implied that she had slept with them and he also made fun of the model’s alleged ‘body count.’

The situation escalated to a point where Agdal pursued legal action against Danis for the unauthorized posting of explicit content, some of which she claims were obtained by hacking her social media accounts. She was also granted a restraining order against Danis, but he failed to appear in court.

While a lot of people believe that Danis’ effort to stir up Logan has gone too far, a lot more are on Danis’ side and parise his ability to rile up Paul. Joe Rogan agreed with this statement.

During a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience featuring guest Sean O’Malley, Rogan commended Danis as a “great troll” for promoting his bout in this manner.

Rogan said: “He’s a great troll. For a guy who… the last time he fought was in Bellator, like when? How long ago was that?”

O’Malley speculated and said: “Probably four or five years ago”

Rogan also touched upon Danis’ proficiency in grappling. He acknowledged that while Danis’ ground game is exceptional, his boxing skills require refinement. He drew parallels to the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren matchup, where Paul prevailed despite Askren’s background as an Olympic wrestler.

He said: “It’s not like Dillon is an absolutely terrible striker. But he’s not a striker. He’s an elite grappler. His grappling is f*cking amazing.”

“I mean, he’s really f*cking good. On the ground, he’s sensational. That kid has some serious jiu-jitsu. But he’s not known for being a boxer.”

“It’s like the Ben Askren situation, you know? Jake Paul offers you more money probably than he made in his entire UFC career for a boxing match after you’ve had a hip replacement. And you’re like, ‘F*ck it, I’m in.'”

As the October 14 PRIME card approaches, anticipation and speculation continue to mount. With concerns over potential withdrawals from the bout by Danis, the outcome remains uncertain.