Joe Rogan had 84% success rate betting on UFC athletes

Joe Rogan has been a part of the UFC longer than most MMA fans have been following the sport. With that type of experience, you’re sure to get a lot of knowledge, particularly if you’re calling 10 or more bouts per weekend.

In the instance of Joe Rogan, it seems that tenure was accompanied by a degree of specialization that could be impossible to replicate. In a current episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan disclosed an extremely ridiculous betting history.

According to Rogan, even on evenings when he was commentating, he used to wager on bouts. His picks won as much as 84% of the time.

That’s part hilarious part ridiculous because Dana White’s contender series is currently featuring a ‘Pro’ that recommends bets and who has gone 15-37 in DWCS 2022 – and somehow still has his job. That’s roughly 30% in a sport where either A wins or B ie inherent 50/50 odds.

Rogan’s esitmate is actually absolutely ridiculous. In sports betting, you break even if you correctly choose 52.4% of the bets when betting spreads. Because the majority of individuals fall short of that mark, sports bookmakers may still turn a profit.

Rogan says his success rate exceeds that figure by more than 30%. Even the top MMA predictors on the internet fall short.

Even if it sounds like a ludicrous amount, there are several things that could have helped Rogan succeed. Surprisingly, the UFC was not nearly as well-known for a significant amount of his career as it is now.

Preliminaries from the UFC were being shown on Facebook as recently as ten years ago. They didn’t broadcast at all before then. They could only be seen live or when the DVD was released.

That would have given Rogan an advantage over oddsmakers who may not have even seen a fighter’s most recent fight since it was part of his job to watch every fight.

Rogan deserves nothing more than a standing ovation for maximizing his competitive advantage and earning a little more money in the early years of the UFC.