Joe Rogan goes off on body positivity saying it doesn’t apply to men

Joe Rogan is a UFC commentator and podcaster who has welcomed a wide range of guests from many industries and occupations on The Joe Rogan Podcast.

A recent addition to his roster of esteemed guests was fellow comedian Bill Maher, who engaged in a candid conversation with Rogan. One of the key subjects that surfaced during their discussion was the impact of obesity on an individual’s well-being.

During Maher’s appearance on the podcast, he expressed his thoughts on the normalization of obesity within society. Rogan continued by stating that people do not glorify overweight males.

He stated: “You know who does not get any of that body positivity sh*t, it’s men. Nobody gives a f**k about men.” Rogan’s perspective underscored the disparities in how body positivity is often attributed more to women than men.

Expanding on this theme, Rogan raised the controversy surrounding Maher’s comments concerning TV show host James Corden. He contended that Corden’s weight gain could be attributed to dietary choices rather than underlying disorders.

Maher disclosed that Corden had embarked on a weight loss program nearly a year after their public disagreement. In the podcast, both Rogan and Maher highlighted the controversial notion of obesity being treated as a disease necessitating excessive medication.

Joe Rogan is renowned for his dedication to fitness, and has consistently maintained his physical prowess by following a rigorous regimen. Embracing a meat-based diet, he has successfully preserved his muscle mass and strength over the years.

Both Joe Rogan and Bill Maher often face criticism for their outspoken views on a wide range of subjects, including politics. The duo ventured into the political arena, specifically the upcoming 2024 Presidential elections. They offered their assessments of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, highlighting the unfulfilled promises made by these presidents during their tenures.

Rogan astutely analyzed Biden’s body language and health, while Maher scrutinized Trump’s dietary habits. He then humorously referred to him as a “city roach.”