Joe Rogan extends podcast invite to Katt Williams after he claims Rogan pushes ‘six comedians that never been funny’

Renowned UFC commentator Joe Rogan is the host of the immensely popular podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience. Since Rogan is a comedian, he enjoys having a variety of comics on the program for laughter and captivating discussions.

In a recent episode of Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay, one of the most well-known characters in the comedic scene Katt Williams said that he was placed on the “industry’s blacklist.” In the podcast episode, he made a number of absurd claims about celebrities, including Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, and Kanye West. Among them was Joe Rogan, the UFC colour commentator.

Williams thinks that his inability to get on programs is due to the Hollywood blacklisting him. He continues with a daring critique of Rogan, saying that being banned has even kept him from participating in a show that is renowned for welcoming a wide range of individuals.

During the podcast, Williams said: “If you were a comedian that cussed, you were ridiculed by the mainstream comedy-geist. That would be like me being on Joe Rogan. Joe don’t want me on there, I need to be on Shannon. Joe got six comedians that never been funny he wanna push out, but that’s really how it is.”

The fan speculation is that six unfunny gentlemen are Brendan Schaub, Tom Segura, Bert Kreicher, Tony Hinchcliffe, Bryan Callen and Joey Diaz.

Joe Rogan promptly responded via Twitter. He expressed his admiration for Williams and his desire to have him on his podcast. He also said that he and his team talk about Williams and his humor all the time.

Rogan clarified his respect for Williams as one of his favorite comics and extended an open invitation to collaborate. Rogan wrote on X: “I love Katt. He’s one of my favorite comics and I’d love to have him on. We talk about him all the time. If he’s down l’ll make it happen.”

With Rogan’s affirmation, there is a potential inclusion of Katt Williams on The Joe Rogan Experience. The podcast has previously hosted an array of over sixty comedians, raising curiosity about the identity of the “6 comedians” Williams referred to.