Joe Rogan explains how trans rights pushed him away from the left

Renowned UFC commentator Joe Rogan recently made headlines by candidly expressing his divergence from the left-leaning ideology. He criticised the political left for turning Democrat-run states like California into echo chambers for their philosophy.

Rogan’s political philosophy is often described as libertarian, and extends beyond conventional labels. He stated before that he is open to a variety of viewpoints and doesn’t limit himself to just one camp.

In the past, Rogan has supported the 2nd Amendment, universal healthcare, free speech, and the usage of cannabis recreationally. Despite these progressive views, he vehemently opposes cancel culture and raises concerns about the pitfalls of socialism and communism.

During a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast featuring stand-up comic Bobby Lee (JRE #2090), the 56-year-old unleashed a scathing critique on the state of liberalism in America.

He stated: “I used to be part of the ‘blue bubble’ and 100% a left-leaning person who lived in Los Angeles. I never voted Republican my whole life and was very left-leaning, especially with social issues… California went nuts, man. It’s gone, full communist.”

Rogan voiced particular concerns about California’s law enforcement practices. He went on to say: “Their approach to law enforcement is so insane. The no cash bail, the letting people out for committing violent crimes, not stopping people for stealing… They’re in a cult… Trans women in women’s bathrooms – Says who? How do you know that’s a real trans person?”

Rogan’s influence extends beyond political commentary to the realm of mixed martial arts. He also recently spoke on the controversial UFC 297 bout between Dricus du Plessis and Sean Strickland.

Du Plessis secured the UFC middleweight title at UFC 297 through a controversial split decision, sparking debates on the fight’s outcome. Despite his victory, UFC CEO Dana White and Rogan both expressed the belief that Strickland should have won.

While not part of the official broadcast at UFC 297, Rogan, alongside Brendan Schaub, Joey Diaz, and Eddie Bravo, hosted a Fight Companion watch in his podcast studio. Expressing surprise at the result, Rogan declared his support for Strickland.

MMA icon Chael Sonnen responded to Rogan and White’s scoring in favor of Strickland on a recent YouTube video. Sonnen expressed surprise, stating: “In my heart, I think it was 5-0… My bigger surprise was when all was said and done, Joe Rogan who definitely qualifies as an expert in this space, and Dana White, who definitely qualifies as an expert in this space, both had Strickland… I thought, ‘Did we watch the same thing?”