Joe Rogan destroys Paddy Pimblett: “I don’t like when someone gets by just because they’re famous”

Joe Rogan had the pleasure of watching UFC 282 cage side, on hand to do commentary and octagon interviews.

Paddy Pimblett was featured in the co-main event against Jared Gordon and won a contested decision victory – to the dismay of Rogan and many viewers at home.

Rogan was caught live on camera eye rolling and talking to UFC welterweight Belal Muhammad who was on hand to corner Gordon.

“You know, I don’t like when someone gets by just they’re famous and they have a big personality and and everybody loves them. The problem with that is people are going to be rooting against him now in the next”

“And so now he’s going to go in there against someone and maybe he’s going to go in against someone who’s on another level, like, one more level up. And he’s going to be in trouble.”

Someone said that, too, that his fights are like fat camps. Yeah. Yeah. They’re really not like training camps. Where you’re going over skills as much as he’s just. He’s got very good skills, but now he’s just trying to lose weight.”

“He gets so big, his big pie face.”

Pimblett is likely to miss out on UFC London due to the fact he likely needs ankle surgery. During the UFC 282 bout against Gordon, Pimblett did something to the ligaments in his foot and the injury hasn’t subsided even a month later.

It’s unknown where he goes from here but he’s already massive looking and enjoying a vacation over in Thailand.