Joe Rogan debunks claims that Anderson Silva took a dive against Jake Paul

Paul defeated Anderson Silva by unanimous decision on Saturday in one of the most anticipated boxing bouts of the year.

But once again his victory was instantly overshadowed by rumblings that there was something untoward happening behind the scenes.

Fans even ended up sharing the footage of the infamous 8th round knock down in order to back their claims. Indeed in some of the footage it does appear as if Silva is throwing himself back – but it’s not that simple.

As Joe Rogan explained:

“Jake Paul. He’s a young man and he deserves respect.”

“Beat Anderson Silva, knocked him down. It was wild as f***”

“Yeah. And by the way, we should point something out. Some people are trying to say that that fight was fixed because of the knockdown.”

“If you please if you find that, there’s a video where people are questioning, I just want to explain to people, this is what happened. He, Anderson, move forward to Jake Paul and Jake. Paul hit him with sort of a stepping jab and caught him right on the chin.”

“And when he caught him on the chin, Anderson Silva was falling backwards. And then he leans away from the right hand and he goes down. ”

“He was down from the punch, but it looks like the right hand doesn’t connect and doesn’t connect. But the left hand is what f***ed him up.”

“That left! That dude hits f***ing hard. And for anybody to say he doesn’t hit hard because he’s a YouTube star. If this guy was not a f***ing YouTube star and he was some dude who went out there and flatlined Tyron Woodley with one punch? And just knocked down Anderson Silva in the f***ing eighth round, right?”

“Dropped him. I mean, that is legit as f*** anybody. “