Joe Rogan criticized for spreading misinformation about food regulation in Australia

NBC News veteran reporter Brandy Zadrozny recently slammed the infamous podcaster Joe Rogan for spreading fake news. The 41-year-old started a thread on Twitter account to ‘investigate’ Rogan.

During a recent episode of his popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience with Hotep Jesus, Rogan read a suspect news website that claimed Australia’s government prohibits their people from growing their own food. During the clip, Rogan also mocked Australia even though the news is not reliable.

“I read something briefly and I didn’t get into the article but they were saying that they were trying to pass a bill that would outlaw growing your own food in Australia… There’s a part of Australia, I think it was New South Wales, someone’s trying to pass a law that won’t allow you to grow your own food.” Rogan said on the clip.

As a number one podcast with millions of views, Brandy Zadrozny believes Joe Rogan needs to be more careful when it comes to getting news. Zadrony then posted a series of tweets to investigate it.

“OK. So I’ve got a minute. Why Does Joe Rogan think Australia is trying to make growing your own food illegal? Let’s investigate.” Zadrozny started the tweet rant.

Zadrozny then went on to investigate and found out a news account called ‘Apex World News’ is the one responsible for the spread of the rumor. Turns out Apex World News is just a non-legitimate news account who spreads misinformation to make headlines.

“He’s not alone. Twitter search shows lots of folks claiming the same. A lot of the videos and tweets include a screenshot from something called Apex World News.”

“So who is@apexworldnews? The account is a typical “breaking news” type of misinfo account. No ownership listed, spammy and unverified content. It does list a website. But … expired.”

Zadrozny continued the threads and eventually closed them by advising Rogan to use trustful sources.

“Anyway, @joerogan. Don’t get your news from here.” Zadrozny tweeted.