Joe Rogan compares Male Feminists to Chihuahuas evolved from Wolves

Infamous podcast host Joe Rogan recently shared a hilarious analogy about male feminists. The 54-year-old compared male feminists and their ancestors to chihuahuas and wolves.

Rogan invited stand-up comedian Yannis Pappas to an episode of his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience. They talked about various things during the episode and eventually discussed how ridiculous an evolution can be.

Joe Rogan took a clip of that episode and posted it on his Instagram account. He wrote in the caption: “Not all evolution leads to superior creatures. From episode 1799 with the hilarious.”

In the clip, Yannis Pappas was baffled at the idea that a chihuahua is related to a wolf.

“I can’t believe it sometimes when I look at the chihuahua, whatever it is. I imagine that thing shares like what it is 98 or 99 % of the same DNA as a wolf. That a wolf and that thing could f*** and make a dog. It’s wild.” Pappas said.

Joe Rogan then gave a hilarious response by comparing it to nowadays male feminists and their Viking ancestors.

“Well, if you look at a male feminist and realize their ancestors were probably Vikings. It’s the same thing.” Rogan said.

Yannis Pappas immediately laughed and agreed with Rogan. He said “Yeah, it’s the same thing. That’s actually… That’s a great analogy.”

Joe Rogan added, “That’s what’s happening to men in this country. They are being converted into pugs.”

Joe Rogan firmly believes not all evolution leads to a better result. The New Jersey-born thinks that some people like male feminists have downgraded compared to their predecessors.

Joe Rogan will return to UFC 274 as a commentator, this weekend. He will be accompanied by Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik.