Joe Rogan backs Ariel Helwani’s credentials, asks Ric Flair if he’s scared of Helwani

A recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) podcast featured WWE legend Ric Flair and a discussion about Ariel Helwani.

Flair mistakenly believed that the Canadian journalist still worked with the UFC, but was informed by Rogan that Helwani has his own independent venture. Rogan also praised Helwani’s show and expressed his admiration for the journalist’s interviewing skills.

This is especially interesting because it’s believed that parroting something Rogan had said was the pre-amble to Helwani’s epic war of words with Brendan Schaub a while back. Rogan and or Schaub were insistent that Helwani was banned from UFC events for leaking news of UFC 200 lineup ahead of the UFC and Helwani disputed the account.

Flair, however, continued to be misinformed about Helwani’s combat sports training.

The JRE host then surprised Flair by asking if he was scared of Helwani, to which Flair replied in the negative. This interaction was shared on social media, and Helwani himself responded, showing respect for Flair as a legend in the industry.

There was also another swipe Joe Rogan took at Helwani earlier this year.

During a JRE episode earlier this year, Rogan and Belal Muhammad were discussing Sean Brady receiving threats against his wife on social media. One of Rogan’s staff members pointed out that Brady had made the revelation on Helwani’s show. Rogan, without provocation, stated that he was friends with Helwani’s uncle, but also accused Helwani of getting people to say things.

This did not sit well with Helwani, who responded on his own show, The MMA Hour. Helwani accused Rogan of pushing false narratives and spreading fake information, leading to people calling for him to be dropped from Spotify. Helwani clarified that he simply asks questions and moves on, and that Rogan is loyal to Dana White.