Joe Rogan accused of being homophobic after boiling down proposed law to not wanting his kids to be indoctrinated

Recently Joe Rogan hosted CIA operative Mike Baker on the podcast and discussed a variety of topics. Longtime fans of Rogan may have been the most surprised by Rogan endorsing the so called ‘deep state’ but something else entirely angered the mainstream media once again.

This is only the third round of controversy for Rogan, he previously came under fire after featuring two problematic medical doctors who expressed some fringe opinions relating to the ongoing pandemic and of course that viral compilation of him saying a racial slur.

Rogan’s latest ‘infraction’ happened while discussing the controversial ‘Don’s say gay’ bill during a podcast episode.

“There’s a lot of people that are in the center on whether it’s from left wing issues or right wing issues, you know, with left wing issues, maybe it’s trans women in sports, or maybe it’s, you know, gender confirmation. It’s like this don’t say gay thing in Florida.”

“I was like, What? What are you saying?
You can’t say gay? Is that really what’s going on? ”

Rogan went on to explain that the bill in question:

“What it is, is ages, it’s first through third grade, they’re saying you’re not supposed to talk about sexual orientation, gender orientation, or sexual proclivity, or you know what, what you’re interested in? They say you should just teach math and science and history to little kids.”

“And people are opposed to that. But it’s like, Listen, your your teachers are not supposed to be the people that explain gender to a f—ing seven year old. Yeah, it’s just the Who are these teachers? And how do you do you know what their perspective is? Are they intelligent about it? Are they trying to indoctrinate the child to any particular point of view, whether it’s pro transgender or anti transgender or anti gay or pro gay? They shouldn’t have any say at all, when you’re talking to a seven year old kid, I mean, I feel like that is the job of the parents.”

“When kids get older and they you know, they develop feelings for either the same sex or opposite sex or they feel like they’re in the wrong button. And then these conversations should be had by qualified people that can discuss this from a nuanced perspective and understand what the psychology of a young person who’s trying to figure out who they are in the world is. ”

“But the idea that this is, don’t say gay, because you’re, you’re you’re saying that ages, you know, first grade to third grade, that you shouldn’t be bringing up the subjects to them. I think a lot of people are saying no, I just don’t want you grooming my kids for whatever your ideology is, whether it’s a right wing ideology or a left wing ideology. I want you to teach them f—ing science.”

And Rogan even goes so far as to spell it out – he’s against an indoctrination regardless of the leaning. However the media may have taken it in a completely different direction. One political pundit explained Rogan’s attitude as parroting republican talking points.

“That’s just republican talking points garbage just because you have a roid gut and you were on fear factor doesn’t actually mean that you are in any way distinguishable in terms of the perspective that you’re providing for people. Like he’s muddying the waters about what this is one he starts off this diatribe again. I just want to point this out saying it’s really dumb for republicans to focus on the anti-gay sh– but actually what they’re implementing in Florida is quite reasonable because it makes sure that your kids are not indoctrinated and being you’re not being groomed to be trans. And so then, who are what audience are you speaking to there? That’s clear.”

“There’s really no difference here: bigotry is bigotry and Rogan with his consistent anti-trans commentary he’s the one that is denying science.” Seder report’s Emma Vigeland concluded.