Joe Fournier appeals loss against KSI after controversial elbow KO

Joe Fournier recently made headlines as he appealed his loss against popular YouTube star KSI. Fournier thinks that the influencer boxer knocked him out with his elbow in the second round.

KSI emerged victorious in his recent boxing match, but the win has been shrouded in controversy. Viewers claim that during the second round of the May 13 bout, KSI landed an illegal elbow strike on Joe Fournier. This led to Fournier’s defeat by TKO.

KSI has been facing criticism from fellow content creators as well, with Jake Paul specifically branding him a “liar” throughout the whole incident.

After the match, Joe Fournier wasted no time in expressing his dissatisfaction with the outcome. He accused KSI of cheating and called him out.

Fournier spoke out in a post-match interview, stating: “They cheated, clear in black and white. The ref was right there, watched it. I’ve never been cheated like that in my life. I can’t believe it.”

Determined to seek justice, Joe Fournier has reportedly lodged an appeal with the boxing commission. The report has been confirmed by Misfits Boxing and its partner, combat sports streaming service DAZN.

In response to Joe Fournier’s appeal. the Professional Boxing Association issued a press release confirming that they have received his request for a review of the referee’s decision in favor of KSI.

The commission stated that they “received a request from Mr. Joe Fournier to seek a review/appeal of the decision whereby he was stopped by the referee in the second round of the contest, in favor of KSI.”

The Association has taken this matter seriously and will seek legal counsel to ensure a fair and thorough examination of the events. A decision is expected to be announced on Friday, May 19th, at 4 PM GMT.

The controversy surrounding the outcome of an influencer boxing match is nothing new. In a similar manner, Faze Temperrr successfully appealed his loss by split decision to King Kenny last year. The investigation ultimately overturned the initial decision.