Jared Gordon proves he suffered no damage against Pimblett after a suspicious supercut of Paddy landing goes viral

Jared Gordon took on Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett at UFC 282. The pair competed in the co-main event after the main event got pulled. Pimblett was easily the most marketable man on the card. However, the result of the match exposed him.

Pimblett was declared the winner via unanimous decision. The result has since been regarded as on of the worst decisions in UFC history by MMA media’s Ariel Helwani.

Gordon was dominating the action and landed more strikes to the UFC star. He even scored several successful takedowns.

Oddly no clips or highlights of the match are available. And Pimblett tried to claim that he had rocked Gordon at one point.

Many fans and MMA figures found it really hard to believe Pimblett won that match, especially via unanimous decision. Previously, the only good argument was because Pimblett did more damage with his punches. After the 3-round outing, Gordon was bleeding a little bit while Pimblett was unscathed.

UFC veteran Diego Sanchez was among the few that saw the match in Pimblett’s favor thanks to a highlight clip that went viral online.


However, this argument was debunked by a recent picture of Jared Gordon’s face following their outing last Saturday night. Gordon took to his Twitter account to reveal that he got nothing but small bruises on his face.

“Here’s the damage from Saturday night. That’s my nose’s regular look, by the way. A couple of scratches and a little bruise.” Gordon captioned the picture.

Despite Pimblett’s clean face, he was actually taking more damage. Most of Gordon’s hard punches landed on the temple area, which wouldn’t cause a cut. Meanwhile, Most of Pimblett’s punches were blocked by Gordon.

The Englishman landed several shots on Gordon’s face that easily caused bruises and cuts. Following the event, Pimblett expressed doubt about a UFC return in March due to the damage suffered to his knuckles and his ankle.