Jake Paul’s boxing Coach BJ Flores robbed and shot in Colombia

BJ Flores was recently robbed and shot in the leg while in Medellin, Colombia. The incident occurred when Flores was stopped at a red light and was approached by two armed motorcycle drivers who demanded that he hand over his wallet and watch.

Flores managed to move the gun away from his head, but the robbers still shot him in the leg before fleeing the scene. Flores was then rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet from his leg.

Flores believes that the robbery was a targeted attack, as the thieves seemed to be aware of the items he had in his possession. In a Twitter video, he explained that the robbers couldn’t have seen his watch while he was sitting in the passenger seat of the car. This leads him to believe that they knew about it beforehand.

The incident has once again brought to light the dangers of traveling to certain areas in Colombia, where incidents like this are unfortunately common.

Following the incident, Flores took to Instagram to update his followers on his condition. He wrote,

“Tonight I was attacked by 2 armed motorcycle drivers as a passenger at a RED LIGHT. They pulled up, stuck a gun to my head, tried to steal my wallet and my watch. ”

“They shot me one time in the leg and I defended myself the best way I could . I am still in the emergency room waiting to have the bullet removed at 5:18 am. Thank you for the well wishes . I will learn from this….. Be safe out there please. Life is precious, I love you all.”


It is still unclear whether the robbers have been caught or if they managed to escape. However, Flores seems to be in good spirits despite the incident.

In another Twitter update, he said, “It is what it is, I’m still alive, everything’s good, I’m happy, the doctors came in and told me we got surgery coming up now. I’ll be in under for maybe an hour, hopefully, less and get this thing out quick.”