Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley II Reportedly Flopped – Estimated 65k PPV Buys

In spite of accomplishing the biggest success of his boxing career having defeated Tyron Woodley during their rematch in a spectacular fashion – Jake Paul is looking at a slim payday.

Just 10 days after their PPV boxing bout that sold for $59.99 and aired on Showtime the first reports are out. And according to hem the card sold very poorly topping out at 65k PPV buys.

The report about the buys comes from DAZN boxing writer Steven Muehlhausen. However this reported number is definitely far from the final number considering it doesn’t account for streaming numbers.

Some also point out that Muehlhausen is employed by DAZN yet is routinely unable to get DAZN numbers yet is offering up these from a competing outlet.

Either way – as a leak this is quite embarrassing. And one person to jump on the roast train was a frequent Jake Paul opponent Dillon Danis. The two were once rumored to box against each other and are even eskimo brothers according to some rumors. Naturally Danis celebrated this latest revelation by sharing:

Prior to these comments Danis made the following taunt right after the Woodley knock out:

Paul had previously boasted about PPV numbers for previous events. Paul had alleged he sold 1.5 million PPVs for the boxing match against Ben Askren. This would correspond to the value of roughly 75 million dollars generated.

The first Tyron Woodley boxing match is estimated to have attracted between 480,000 and 500,000 PPV buys according to  Wrestling Observer Newsletter. This is substantially less than Paul’s brother Logan had made for his Floyd Mayweather exhibition. That boxing match was rumored to have cleared the 1 million PPV buys. Both of these were promoted and aired on Showtime. Askren PPV was on Triller.

Paul vs. Woodley was sold at $59.99 in the United States; meanwhile, Mayweather vs. Paul was marketed at $49.99. Paul vs Woodley II was also sold at $59.99.