Jake Paul tells brother Logan he’s “not even a fighter” ahead of Dillon Danis boxing match

Logan Paul recently took a jab at his brother Jake’s identity as a true combatant.

The upcoming match between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis on the Misfits Boxing ‘Prime Card’ also features the much-anticipated KSI vs Tommy Fury bout. This marks Logan’s return to the ring after his June 2021 exhibition match with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

After losing to Fury in February, Jake turned things around by defeating UFC star Nate Diaz in a decision earlier this month. In a recent episode of Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, the brothers argued because Jake objected to his brother picking bouts with certain people.

The conversation kicked off with Logan asserting,”Tommy Fury is on my f****ng radar. I’ve got him in my scopes, I wanted him when Jake was fighting him and I’m going to be back in the conversation.”

Jake then interjected by stating: “I’ve got to finish him off first, I’ve got to handle that business first.”

Logan retorted by saying: “We’ll see bro, because you definitely sniped the Nate Diaz fight from me and I’ve been so lenient in giving you your opponents.”

Jake then replied: “It’s not your option to give me my opponents. You haven’t fought anyone and you don’t fight real fights. It’s not your option to give me my opponents, you’re not even a fighter. You do exhibitions and lost like four years ago, so it’s not like your option to give me my fights.”

Logan then responded by saying: “Me and Nate Diaz have been talking about that for years then you popped up like ‘No, now it’s my turn’ and tried to get the fight in Saudi Arabia.”

The brothers’ verbal exchange escalated as Logan asserted his own prowess in the boxing ring. He highlighted his exhibition match with Mayweather as evidence of his boxing skill.

Jake couldn’t help but chuckle, boldly stating he could knock out Mayweather if they faced off.

Logan’s official record stands at 0-1, given that his first match against KSI and his exhibition bout with Mayweather were not sanctioned as professional matches.

Meanwhile, Jake has an impressive record of 7-1. He responded to Logan’s claims by saying: “I think you just want to beat Tommy to be able to say that you’re better than me at boxing. I think that’s more so what it sounded like, it’s crazy that you think people are avoiding to fight you.”