Jake Paul says he will be “done” with boxing if he loses to Nate Diaz

YouTube sensation Jake Paul is preparing for his next matchup, and he’s calling it his biggest challenge yet. After his loss to British boxer Tommy Fury earlier this year, Jake feels the pressure to perform well in his upcoming bout against UFC star Nate Diaz. In fact, he said he would approach this bout as if it were his last because he cannot afford to lose.

Jake Paul has been training hard for his upcoming bout against Nate Diaz. After months of trash talk between the two combatants, they will finally face off on August 5 in Dallas, Texas.

While Jake has faced plenty of opponents in the ring, he acknowledges that Diaz is one of his toughest opponents yet. The two conducted a press conference recently where Jake acknowledged that he can’t afford to lose their upcoming bout on May 9.

Paul said: “Truly, this fight is do or die. I have to leave it all on the line.” Referencing Diaz’s departure from the UFC, Jake continued: “And the same is true for Nate Diaz.”

“I just lost [to Tommy Fury]. And if [Nate Diaz] beats me, where does that leave me?”

MMA journalist Ariel Helwani then asks: “If you lose this fight, are you done?”

Jake replied by saying: “In my mind, that’s how I’m treating it.”

Jake’s loss to Tommy Fury earlier this year was a wake-up call for the YouTuber. It was the first time he’d taken on a boxer on his level, and he ultimately lost by split decision. For Jake, this upcoming bout against Diaz is a chance to redeem himself and prove that he’s still a force to be reckoned with.

While it’s not clear if Jake will actually retire from boxing if he loses to Diaz, he’s certainly treating this bout as though it might be his last one ever. He knows that a loss could mean the end of his career as a boxer.

However, Jake Paul isn’t the only influencer-boxer who’s considering retirement. Fellow YouTuber and rapper KSI has also claimed that he’s retiring from boxing after this year.