Jake Paul roasted after “terrible” Andre August boxing video goes viral

Popular YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul faced intense scrutiny upon the release of training footage featuring his upcoming opponent, Andre August. Critics speculate that this bout might not pose a significant challenge to the internet sensation.

Initially stepping into the boxing realm, Paul engaged in bouts against former MMA luminaries such as Ben Askren, Anderson Silva, and Tyron Woodley. Despite securing victories, skeptics vocally insisted that Paul needed to test his mettle against a ‘real’ boxer.

Attempting to address these reservations, Paul confronted Tommy Fury. Regrettably for Paul, this encounter ended in defeat against his long-standing rival, stalling his aspirations for a world title. However, he reclaimed his stride with a victory over Nate Diaz.

Scheduled for mid-December, Paul will spar against Andre August. He is a 35-year-old boxer who boasts an impressive 10-1-1 record, despite a four-year hiatus from the ring.

August has mostly competed in Texas regional events, and videos of those bouts is limited. But some of his training video has just leaked online, and fans are not pleased.

Observing August’s performance, fans haven’t held back their disdain for Paul’s selection of opponent. Comments online have derided the choice, with some expressing astonishment at the perceived lack of quality in August’s skills.


Some of the comments are as follows:

“Jake is going to win, he looks terrible for his record”

“Jake and his team knew what they doing, but Jake will win sadly”

“Damn, how deep did Jake search to find this clown?”

“Crazy you guys found someone as bad as Jake”

Jake has marketed the bout by claiming that August has more experience and more knockout victories, but many fans are skeptical.

Jake Paul is a strong betting favorite heading into the bout. But it’ll be intriguing to watch what happens during the event and whether Jake can get back on track.

The stage is set for an intriguing showdown, where the outcome might redefine Paul’s trajectory in the boxing world.