Jake Paul reveals he has spoken to Canelo’s lawyers about potential match up

Jake Paul isn’t giving up on his goal of taking on Canelo Alvarez, and he’s even started talking to Canelo’s legal team.

After defeating YouTubers, basketball players, and former MMA stars, the social media sensation has been making headlines in the boxing scene lately.

Despite not having competed against a professional boxer yet, Paul has called out and even begun negotiations with Canelo, one of the finest boxers on the globe.

Paul informed Anthony Pompliano during an interview about a possible future boxing bout with Canelo.

He said,

“We have talked to his lawyer and I think he is getting to a place where he sees how serious how I am. I think, at first, everyone thought this was a joke and my mouth was bigger than my actions but now they are matching especially if a fight is a year from now or two years from now.”

“I am sparring people that were in both of their training camps for the trilogy. I am sparring Golovkin’s sparring partners, I am sparring Canelo’s partners.”

“[Ron] Ellis, all of these guys and I am sparring people from both of their camps. They came out to my camps. I think the fight with Canelo would be an entertainment spectacle. I don’t think anyone has got into Canelo’s head and I feel that I can.”

“I think that is an iconic fight to make and it would shut the internet down. I think he thinks he can whoop my a** and that I am just a YouTuber kid.”

Although this matchup may seem fantastical, Canelo has already shown interest in a hypothetical future confrontation with Paul, so it is not completely out of the question.

Canelo was questioned about a fight with Paul before the Mexican lost to Dmitry Bivol earlier this year.

He said, “The thing I’m thinking about is why are you guys asking me especially that fight? Jake Paul, please guys. Maybe in two years like he says, maybe in two years we can talk.”

When questioned whether Paul was insane to demand a fight with him, Canelo said: “No, he’s not crazy. That is not crazy, it’s fine dreaming of something. You need to put goals in your mind. It’s okay.”