Jake Paul reveals 500k PPV buys estimate, doubles down on excuses

Jake Paul recently stated that Tommy Fury’s skill had nothing to do with his loss.

In their outing last weekend in Saudi Arabia, Jake Paul lost to Fury despite dropping him in the last round. Paul has doubled down on his earlier admission that he battled sickness throughout his training camp.

When Logan asked Jake Paul why he lost, he responded as follows:

“Lots of reasons; I was sick for four weeks out of this nine-week camp and the was travelling, jet-lagged for another week of that. That’s what’s p***ing me off the most, it had nothing to do with him, it had everything to do with me. He wasn’t that great at all, I think Anderson was tougher than him and I figured out that puzzle. He threw a lot of punches, that was his biggest thing.”

However, Jake Paul did save some praise for his opponent and said he intends to invoke the contract’s rematch provision.

“He’s definitely blossomed; he’s an overnight superstar and it’s great for him. He’s a good kid and we had a bunch of respect for each other; we spoke in the locker room and he said let’s do the rematch.”

“He seems very levelheaded and down to earth. We talked a lot of s*** and did a great job promoting it but there was mutual respect there and we hugged. I have respect for the guy, that’s the most beautiful thing about this sport. You can be arch-enemies and then find respect for each other after beating the s*** out of each other and going to war.

Jake Paul reveals 500,000 PPV buy estimate

“The silver lining is that the pay-per-views are off the charts, it’s probably going to be the biggest fight of the year. It’s coming in at over half-a-million buys. Business is great, there are still so many names out there for me”

“Obviously I want to do the rematch with Tommy” – Paul concluded.

The boxing bout was priced at $49,99 making the lucrative event generate estimated $25 million.

Just yesterday Paul claimed he made $30 million on the bout – this is likely due to the fact Saudi Arabia was almost certainly footing a large portion of that bill – if it’s even true.

Previously Dana White reacted to ESPN running Jake Paul ads over a recent UFC event and went so far to declare him a PPV dud.