Jake Paul reacts to brother Logan partnering with UFC

Logan Paul seems to be attracting controversies left and right. He has been dealing with a tremendous amount of scrutiny due to a series of videos detailing him allegedly playing a part in a multi-million NFT fraud.

But it’s not all bad. His sports drink venture with KSI has been creating a craze online and has even partnered with the UFC.

UFC just announced their official partnership.

The partnership is even more confusing considering that it’s not actually a sports drink – it’s targeted towards lifestyle category.

Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul was recently questioned about his brother’s company partnering up with the UFC. Jake Paul is one of the biggest critics of UFC’s pay model and is allegedly attempting to get UFC talent to unionize.

MMA writer Anton Tabuena sarcastically asked Jake about how beneficial his brother’s drink will be for helping UFC athletes secure get better pay. Folllowing up with a question about what the athletes can expect from this new partnership.

Jake replied in a diplomatic fashion.

“Hey Anton…I’m always happy for my brother’s successes and while I have zero involvement in his drink, I hope UFC will share the revenue it receives with fighters.”

Some fans are saying that it is quite a mature response from the Youtuber-turned boxer. Others are saying that he’s trying to play both sides. They know that the deal’s structure isn’t to help fighters in the way that everyone’s hoping.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the Paul brothers have different opinions on something. Jake is pretty cool with Logan despite the latter teaming up to promote PRIME with his rival and future opponent KSI.

Tyron Woodley questioned Jake Paul’s authenticity when it comes to creating an MMA union saying:

“We talked about some other business, but we didn’t talk about the unions. I just feel like this. Like I respect him as a business man. I respect the things that he’s doing. I mean, I never take the curtains away from somebody like he’s he’s doing their thing. But the thing about it is, if you ain’t ever fought for free… I fought for free for two or three years.”

“Is it ever been underpaid? And every time you thought you made max dollars, made way more than tons of people who did it for less. I don’t understand how it’s such a huge issue on your docket. So I want to believe it, but it’s going to take me a little bit more convincing for me to believe it.”