Jake Paul on Dana White slapping incident: “I don’t think he’s a good person”

According to Jake Paul, Dana White is “not a good person.” Recently, he has stepped up his criticism of the UFC president.

Over the last two years, the YouTuber-turned-boxer has regularly attacked White over UFC pay model.

“Raising the fighter minimum to $50,000 whereas it’s at $12,000 now, getting them long-term healthcare. That’s what it’s mainly about.” – Paul explained.

White made news earlier this month when he was captured in a video hitting his wife Anne White. He then apologized for the incident.

Jake Paul said to SunSport: “I don’t know about the fans, the feud between Dana and I has been a lot of hype and it draws a lot of media. And there’s been a bunch of s**t talked back and forth but my main thing is getting the fighters paid more”

However, Paul claims to have grown as a person since entering the combat sports world. He has no plans to remark on the domestic violence incident.

Paul stated: “I know he had his whole situation but I don’t really need to kick people when they’re down. What he did speaks for itself and I’ve always said I don’t think he’s a good person – look how he treats these fighters.”

“So I really just hope that the message continues to drive home. We’re working on the United Fighters Association as we speak to help these fighters out.”

Paul recently inked an interesting partnership with PFL and is expected to make his MMA debut in future though it’s looking more than likely that won’t be happening until 2024.

Tyron Woodley made an appearance on MMA Hour last night in which he questioned Paul’s desire to start a Union for MMA pros:

“We talked about some other business, but we didn’t talk about the unions. I just feel like this. Like I respect him as a business man. I respect the things that he’s doing. I mean, I never take the curtains away from somebody like he’s he’s doing their thing. But the thing about it is, if you ain’t ever fought for free… I fought for free for two or three years.”

“Is it ever been underpaid? And every time you thought you made max dollars, made way more than tons of people who did it for less. I don’t understand how it’s such a huge issue on your docket. So I want to believe it, but it’s going to take me a little bit more convincing for me to believe it.