Jake Paul on Nate Diaz putting him in a guillotine: I didn’t think he was gonna stop

Jake Paul has provided his thoughts on Nate Diaz’s unexpected guillotine attempt during their recent boxing match, shedding light on the surprising moment in the bout.

In a thrilling showdown between Paul and Diaz at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on August 5, the two engaged in a 10-round boxing match. While Diaz stepped into the boxing ring for the first time, Paul was in his eighth professional boxing contest.

Despite Diaz showcasing some moments of brilliance, it was Paul’s effective punching that secured him a decisive unanimous decision victory.

Amidst the action, an intriguing incident occurred towards the end of the final round that underlined Nate Diaz’s renowned combat sports spirit.

In the aftermath of the bout, Jake Paul addressed the guillotine maneuver that Nate Diaz briefly employed. Paul shared his experience and thoughts:

“He actually choked me, he was genuinely choking me,” Paul revealed candidly. “I was like, ‘This is insane.’ I didn’t anticipate him letting go; he had it locked in. Ironically, that’s precisely why I’m eager for an MMA rematch. In the context of MMA, I’d have instinctively transitioned into a double-leg takedown, hoisted him up, and slammed him onto the canvas.”

Paul has not shied away from expressing his willingness to step into the MMA arena against Diaz once more. He has extended an invitation for a rematch, this time in the realm of mixed martial arts. Paul is adamant that such an MMA clash should take place under the banner of the PFL. In contrast, Diaz has voiced his preference for a co-promotion arrangement if such a rematch comes to fruition.

Despite the potential for a lucrative showdown with Paul in another promotion, Nate Diaz has displayed his loyalty to the UFC, where he has had a successful MMA career. Diaz has maintained a positive relationship with UFC President Dana White.

While Diaz’s decision on competing in MMA outside the UFC remains uncertain, an attractive offer might sway him towards a high-stakes rematch against Jake Paul.