Jake Paul offers to step in for brother Logan and face Dillon Danis after mic throwing debacle

Logan Paul’s recent run in with Dillon Danis raised doubts about his ability to compete on Saturday night, and now his brother Jake Paul is poised to step into the ring if necessary.

During a heated exchange, Logan Paul sustained a cut near his eye after being punched by Danis, who was holding a microphone. Paul had initially thrown a bottle of his Prime hydration drink at Danis, but he ended up bleeding after the altercation.

Logan Paul expressed his determination to face Danis despite the injury and their longstanding rivalry. He posted on social media but also shared a photo that indicated swelling on his face due to the incident. Jake Paul, who will be present at the event in Manchester, has declared his readiness to replace his brother if required.

“I will always have my brother’s back. I chose not to respond to the puppet’s countless tweets as it would only amplify his harassment. But make no mistake, if Logan needed me to step in, I would take great joy in knocking that maggot out. See you soon,” Jake Paul wrote on social media.

Despite Jake’s preparedness to substitute for his brother, Logan assured fans that their bout with Danis was still on and that the stakes had been raised. This recent altercation is another chapter in the intense build-up to their fight, with Danis previously taunting Logan Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, on social media. In response, Agdal filed a lawsuit against Danis and obtained a restraining order against the wannabe boxer.

Despite the legal action, Danis continued his verbal sparring with Paul during the press conference, leading to their infamous brawl. While a cage had been set up to contain the fighters, it couldn’t prevent the scuffle. However, the cage was later used for a face-off between KSI and Tommy Fury, who are also set to fight this weekend.