Jake Paul mocks Will Smith over Oscars slap with a basketball mascot

A week later and the Will Smith incident is still a hot topic. This time, youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul mocked the incident by slapping a mascot at a basketball game.

During the 94th Academy Awards ceremony, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock because Rock joked about his wife’s hair. Smith then walked up to the stage and infamously slapped Rock. The incident happened during a live television broadcast and aired all across the Globe.

The celebrity boxer was attending the NBA match between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Houston Rockets when a mascot approached him. The mascot, who was wearing boxing gloves, jokingly challenged him. Jake then responded by slapping the mascot just like Will Smith did to Chris Rock.

Jake Paul posted the hilarious moment on his social media and captioned it  “Will Smith’ed em” in the caption. The crowd was quite shocked as the mascot remained on the floor for some time before being carried away.

The former UFC two-division champion Georges St-Pierre also mocked the Academy Awards incident with fellow UFC veteran Stephen Thomson.

“Hey guys, did you all see the Oscars last night? Well I thought if they would give out a little award for the worst haircut, it would definitely go to you GSP.” Thomson said before he got hilariously slapped.

Jake Paul scored his fifth victory during his rematch against former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in December of last year. ‘The Problem Child’ promised his next bout will be in August.

The public is currently in the dark as to who might be Jake’s next opponent. Boxing legend Mike Tyson is willing to return to the ring if Jake can fulfill the money demand.