Jake Paul knocks down Nate Diaz, wins decision

In a highly anticipated boxing match, YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul emerged victorious against MMA icon Nate Diaz. The boxing bout was characterized by a back-and-forth battle, with both showcasing their skills and durability.

Jake Paul demonstrated significant improvements since his last bout, utilizing his jab and quick movement to keep Diaz at bay.

In the fifth round, Paul managed to drop Diaz with a well-timed right hand, showcasing his punching power. Despite being rocked, Diaz displayed his resilience by surviving the count and launching counterattacks.

Throughout the rounds, Diaz’s endurance and tenacity were on full display, allowing him to weather Paul’s attacks and mount his own offense. Diaz’s showboating and theatrical gestures added an entertaining element to the match.

In the end, the judges awarded the victory to Jake Paul on points. The bout was well-received by fans, and there are discussions about a potential rematch between the two.

The match showcased the crossover appeal between boxing and MMA, drawing attention from both sports’ fan bases. While the outcome was in favor of Paul, Diaz’s performance highlighted his toughness and ability to hang with a skilled boxer like Paul.


During the pay-per-view broadcast after the main event, Nick Diaz mentioned his interest in boxing either Jake Paul or Logan Paul. He stated, “I’m a lot better than both of these guys that are out there. I’d love to entertain the idea of moving on in on whoever they’ve got for me. If they want to do Round 2, if he ain’t going to do it, I’ll take it. He’s got an older brother, too. Don’t forget about the one and only.”

Nick Diaz, who is 40 years old, hasn’t competed in combat sports since his September 2021 loss to Robbie Lawler. He indicated after that event that he had more plans in the sport, but the specifics were not clear. Now, he seems to be considering various options, including potentially taking on the Paul brothers.

Diaz mentioned that he’s motivated and interested in the Paul brothers, saying, “Of course (I’m interested in the Paul Brothers). That’s why I try to stay away from the fight game in general, because I’m all the way in. It’s all or nothing.” He added that he’s still a hard worker and believes he’s better than anyone in the current fighting landscape.