Jake Paul insists Tommy Fury rematch ‘IS going to happen’

Jake Paul is determined to have a rematch with Tommy Fury after their initial match generated a lot of buzz in the boxing world.

The 26-year-old lost to the former Love Island star by a split decision back in February in front of a packed Saudi Arabian stadium.

The American claims that the bout drew over 500,000 pay-per-view purchases worldwide. Additionally, Daily Mail reports that Paul gained over $25 million from the bouts even though he lost. It was one of the most anticipated matches of the year.

The YouTube boxing sensation is now set to compete against MMA icon Nate Diaz on August 5. However, he’s already looking forward to his next match with Fury. Paul told Sky Sports during the Miami Grand Prix, “It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen for sure.”

“it was entertaining, it was the biggest pay-per-view buys in boxing for the last two years so I think we have to run it back. Tommy is down and I’m excited for that.”

Jake Paul has emerged as one of the greatest names in boxing in only seven professional matches. The American is just 26 years old and has only been in professional boxing for three years. However, he has amassed a level of fame and fortune that only a select few in the sport could ever dream of.

Paul also states that he has competed against big names in the combat sports world, including Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva. He said: “It’s annoying, I think in boxing fighters are not willing to risk their undefeated record and put it all on the line.”

“Their legacy and being undefeated is more important to them, because Floyd Mayweather set that example for the sport so if you lose you’re ‘swept under the rug’ in boxing.”

“But more champions should go and fight other big names, and that’s why I respect Ryan Garcia for even taking the Tank fight. Even though he lost he did what a lot of other fighters aren’t doing and making big fights happen.”