Jake Paul has Tyson Fury giggling, wants him to disown Tommy when he loses to ex-Disney star

Tyson Fury was in chuckles after Jake Paul threatened to make him disown his younger brother Tommy Fury.

Paul left for London after announcing that his rematch with Tommy Fury will now take place on February 26 in Saudi Arabia. After a heated confrontation, security broke apart the celebrity boxing rivals’ first face-to-face encounter.

Tyson Fury sat ringside at Wembley Arena and watched as Anthony Yarde was defeated by Artur Beterbiev. He also said that if he didn’t win bragging rights the next month, his younger brother would have to alter his name and remain in Saudi.

Paul threatened to end the Love Islander’s boxing career.

He stated: “He’s going to get knocked out by a Disney star, plain and simple, that’s it. You’ll see, you’ll see who the real professional boxer is. All these critics, all these people saying, ‘Fight a real boxer.’ Here we go.”

“Tommy has so much to lose, his family is going to disown him when I knock him the f*** out, plain and simple, that’s it. Sorry Tyson, I love you but it’s over for your brother.”

Due to a rib injury and a subsequent US visa difficulty Tommy Fury had to withdraw from his bout against Paul twice. The duo will now box in the Middle East as a consequence of Fury’s ongoing travel ban due to ties with organized crime.

In his 6-0 career, Paul has defeated former MMA champions Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva via knockout. However, Tommy Fury will be his first opponent with a legitimate professional boxing record.

He said to Paul:

“I’ve beaten better people than you when I was 14 in the amateurs. I will school you. I’m not an MMA guy. I was beating people better than you when I was 14, when you was messing about on Disney Channel, so don’t come round here pretending you’re about it when you’re not.”