Jake Paul denies 400k PPV buys reports, claims Nate Diaz did over one million in surprising clap-back

Jake Paul recently retaliated against the circulating reports regarding the perceived underperformance of his pay-per-view bout with Nate Diaz.

Paul’s recent victory over MMA icon Nate Diaz was nothing short of impressive. Securing a unanimous decision win, Paul demonstrated his boxing prowess in the ring.

In the face of claims that the pay-per-view buy rate for this encounter was lackluster, Paul chose to set the record straight. Via his Instagram story, he shared a post that contained information that the bout with Diaz garnered twice the number of pay-per-view buys compared to his previous match against Tommy Fury.

Paul wrote: “FACTS”

The YouTuber-turned-boxer said that the bout with Fury brought in 500,000 pay-per-view purchases and that the match with Diaz increased that figure domestically by double. But even with a 20% increase in pricing, the buyrate remained a commercial success.

He continued: “2x residential PPV buys in the US even though it was priced 20% higher than Fury…5x commercial PPV revenue in the US”

While the official buy rate is yet to be unveiled, the figures shared by Jake Paul on his Instagram story are nothing short of impressive. The evidence suggests that the match with Nate Diaz managed to amass over one million pay-per-view buys.

Aside from his triumphant clash with Nate Diaz, Jake Paul has been vocal about another prominent figure in the combat sports realm – Conor McGregor. Reacting to McGregor’s antics during the Anthony Joshua vs. Robert Helenius bout, Paul did not hold back.

The Irishman’s enthusiastic celebrations and his attempt to promote his own brand by coaxing Joshua into sampling his Forged Irish Stout were met with Paul’s candid criticism. Paul expressed his disapproval, labeling McGregor’s actions as disrespectful.