Jake Paul debunks claim Logan declined Tyson boxing match because ‘Tyson is senile’

Logan Paul recently claimed that he was offered the opportunity to box legend Mike Tyson, but his younger brother Jake Paul is denying that such an offer was ever made.

In a podcast clip that surfaced online, Logan Paul stated, “I was offered [to box Mike Tyson] but on Netflix and not for a big ass bag. It was just like ‘oh this could be a real fight’.”

However, Jake Paul, who has been involved in setting up exhibitions and celebrity boxing matches through his Most Valuable Promotions company, refuted Logan’s claim.

“Logan said he was offered a fight [with] Mike Tyson and he declined. Which is also not true,” Jake said in another video clip. “Oh, so Logan was not offered a fight [with] Mike Tyson.”

Jake explained that it was his team at Most Valuable Promotions who worked on securing a deal with Netflix to have Mike Tyson participate in a exhibition bout. According to Jake, they approached several fighters, including Tommy Fury and eventually got Mike Tyson on board after months of discussions.

“Mike Tyson wasn’t offering people deals. So I don’t know what [Logan’s] talking about,” Jake stated, expressing confusion over his brother’s comments.

While the reason behind Logan’s claim of being offered to fight Tyson remains unclear, the conflicting statements from the two brothers have stirred up controversy within the combat sports world.

As of now, it appears that Jake Paul’s side of the story aligns with the widely reported pursuit of Mike Tyson for a potential exhibition match on Netflix, which ultimately did not come to fruition.