Jake Paul Confirms they’re seeking to make it a Professional Boxing Match Against Mike Tyson

Jake Paul confirms his upcoming professional boxing match against the legendary Mike Tyson. Both athletes are committed to making it an official professional bout, with plans already underway to submit their request to the commission.

A highly anticipated clash between social media icon Jake Paul and boxing legend Mike Tyson is rapidly approaching. Scheduled for July 20th at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, this event promises to captivate audiences worldwide. Broadcasting exclusively on Netflix, this marks the streaming giant’s inaugural foray into combat sports content.

The spectacle is orchestrated by Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions (MVP), co-founded by Nakisa Bidaria. Bidaria anticipates record-breaking viewership, citing Tyson’s enduring popularity. However, the event’s classification as either professional or exhibition remains unconfirmed.

In contrast to many influencer boxers, Paul is steadfast in his pursuit of a legitimate boxing career. Embracing the professional realm since 2020, the 27-year-old boasts an impressive record of 9 victories and 1 defeat. His commitment to the sport is evident, as he continually seeks to elevate his standing within the boxing community.

Despite skepticism surrounding Tyson’s age, Paul asserts the match’s professionalism. Dismissing speculation of a scripted outcome, he emphasizes both fighters’ desire for a genuine competition. In a recent interview, Paul addressed the misinformation circulating online, reaffirming their intent to engage in a bona fide professional boxing match.

“Unfortunately, the internet is rife with misinformation. Mike and I are unequivocal in our pursuit of a professional bout, devoid of any artificial constraints,” Paul stated.

He further emphasized, “We’re seeking full-face shots, a true test of skill and athleticism. Any rumors suggesting otherwise are baseless. Our submission to the commission underscores our commitment to authenticity. Rest assured, this will be a battle worthy of the spotlight.”