Jake Paul confident he can defeat Nate Diaz in MMA after just a year of training: ‘I’ve done the calculations’

Jake Paul firmly believes that given ample time, he can secure victory over Nate Diaz in the realm of mixed martial arts.

In a recent event, Jake Paul notched his seventh career win by unanimous decision against Diaz, following an intense 10-round match. Post-match, Paul boldly reiterated his $10 million MMA challenge to Diaz, proposing a rematch within the confines of the PFL Smart Cage in the upcoming year.

Combat sports fans and fellow athletes swiftly rallied behind Diaz as the favored contender for the prospective rematch. Diaz boasts over 15 years of MMA experience, while Jake Paul is yet to make his cage debut. But this hasn’t deterred Paul from asserting that with ample preparation time, he can grab another win over Diaz.

During a lively conversation on his brother Logan’s Impaulsive podcast, Paul stated, “Not right now, but in a year maybe. Honestly, I will will it into existence and I will work so f*cking hard that I can do it. The best part about is that MMA matches obviously start standing up like a boxing match.”

“He can’t hurt me with punches, if his punches aren’t strong how are his kicks going to be. Of course, you can get a guillotine on someone when they’re not expecting it in a f*cking boxing match, duh.”

In their tenth round, Jake Paul attempted a clinch. This allowed Diaz the opportunity to grasp his neck and apply a guillotine choke, before the referee intervened.

Diaz undoubtedly holds a considerable edge in MMA experience when facing Jake Paul. Yet, Paul has convinced himself that this experience gap will be inconsequential.

He confidently stated, “If I can prepare for it, the crazy thing about it, I’ve done the calculations in my head. We start standing up. I learn kicks, I learn how to defend kicks. I’m beating his ass standing up clear as day in boxing. He tries to get close to me, I can just stick and move.”

“He tries to take me down, my takedown defense and takedowns are better than his. I have way higher wrestling experience than his. He’s not going to be able to take me down. He’s slow, so I’m going to see the shots coming. Boom, block the shots.”

“He can’t take me down to submit me. It becomes a standing match. Three five-minute rounds, easy. I just fought for 30 minutes, that’s only 15 minutes. I can work twice as hard in half the amount of time, expend twice as much energy to keep him away from me, while punching, not letting him take me down, and I will just simply have to watch out for his guillotine.”

Jake Paul could potentially pursue another boxing match before entering the MMA arena. Speculation ties him to a rumored showdown with fellow social media sensation KSI.

Notably, KSI is set to headline a Misfits boxing event in October. He will squaring off against Tommy Fury, the sole fighter to have defeated Paul in the boxing ring.