Jake Paul claims he can KO Conor McGregor with only one hand

Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul threw shade at UFC star Conor McGregor on social media following his comments about pop boxing.

Paul also slammed UFC for increasing PPV price but still underpaying their athletes.

Jake Paul and Conor McGregor had a long ongoing feud ever since Jake started his professional boxing career in 2020.

Jake profited taking on retired MMA athletes and has defeated 6 opponents so far. Jake has expressed his desire to face Conor McGregor from the very start of his career.

Recently, they got involved in an online spat related to Dillon Danis vs KSI boxing match. Danis was a close friend of the Irishman (and is still on good terms with him) and Jake has been vocal in his dislike of Danis. While Paul was once an adversary of KSI’s, he’s warmed up to him since brother Logan and KSI teamed up to create a beverage company.

Danis, who is 2-0 in MMA and hasn’t competed again since 2019, earned a big opportunity to face the UK star KSI.

They will exchange blows in January of next year at the MF & DAZN X Series 004 event. The event will be held in London, England at the OVO Arena.

Much like KSI’s other opponents, Danis will likely earn a huge payday for the upcoming match. Jake Paul revealed it on Twitter recently when he slammed the UFC for increasing their PPV price for next year.

“Meanwhile a bum whose claim to fame is being Conor’s friend (Dillon Danis) is making a bigger purse to box a YouTuber (KSI) than all current UFC champions. UFC makes almost $500 million a year. If they were to increase minimum fighter pay to $50K per fight, at most it will cost them $20 million.” Paul wrote.

In another tweet, the 25-year-old slammed McGregor who said he would never compete in a boxing bout with no belts to fight for.

“You fight for belts? Last time you fought for a belt was 4 years ago. Lost 3 of your last 4 fights. I would knock you out in the squared circle with one hand tied behind my back. To be fair, in the cage I would need two hands. But the same result.” McGregor said.