Jake Paul calls out ‘p***y’ Tyson Fury while wearing a fat suit

Jake Paul is still at odds with the Fury family, and this time he is targeting Tommy’s older brother Tyson. Jake Paul called him out while donning a fat costume.

In a video shared on social media, Paul claims that Tyson Fury has been very silent since he stepped up to the heavyweight class.

“Tyson Fury, where the f**k you at p***y?!”


Even if Paul is joking about switching to heavyweight and facing off against Tyson Fury, wearing a fat costume and calling him out is surely the kind of action that is not going to sit well with Fury.

Despite his ongoing arguments with Tommy, Paul truly appears to appreciate Tyson Fury. He even declared Tyson to be the finest fighter in the world.

“First and foremost Tyson Fury has been the most dominant heavyweight in the division for so long. He beats every heavyweight by TKO/KO including Usyk,”Paul remarked a few days ago.

“There hasn’t been a heavyweight in the sport that hasn’t fallen off eventually but Tyson Fury is still on top and I expect him to retire on top. However what Usyk has done from cruiserweight to heavyweight has been impressive and his dominance, versatility and boxing ability is second to none.”

When Tyson learned about these remarks, he responded on social media. He reshared Paul’s pound-for-pound rankings on Instagram and stated: “Get up there Jake Paul. This man knows his stuff.”

Fury also added a voice note: “Jakey! Get up there Jake Paul.”

This duo may be developing a strong bond, but Paul and Tommy Fury cannot say the same. The two have been engaging in a jarring back-and-forth on social media ever since their fight talks fell through or their fights were abruptly postponed.