Jake Paul boasts he made $30 million on Tommy Fury boxing bout

Jake Paul has taken to social media to reveal that he earned an astounding $30 million from his boxing bout against Tommy Fury, despite losing the match to the Love Island star.

The social media star turned boxer managed to drop Fury in the final round of the eight-round bout, but the knockdown was not enough to earn him a win, as he lost via split decision.

Questioning the judges’ scorecards, with one judge scoring it 75-74 to Paul and the other two scoring it 76-73 to Fury, Paul was visibly unhappy with the outcome of the match.

Despite the loss, the social media star was happy enough with his paycheck, and he took to social media to share the good news.

Fury, on the other hand, is expected to have earned a third of Paul’s purse as he entered the bout as the underdog.

Paul’s interview in the ring did not go as he planned.

The Saudi Arabia crowd was unimpressed with his excuses, and he was booed as he spoke. The social media star claimed that his performance was subpar due to issues he faced in his training camp that he had not previously mentioned.

“All respect to Tommy, he won. Don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses. I’ll come back and I think we deserve the rematch.”

” I don’t know if I agree with the judges.”

“I got a 10-8 round twice. It is what it is but I’ve already won in life. I’ve won in every single way, I have amazing family, amazing friends and an amazing work ethic. Honestly, I felt flat. I got sick really bad twice in this camp, injured my arm, so it wasn’t my best performance.”

“But I lost – I’m not making excuses. I’m just saying, it wasn’t my best performance, I felt a little flat and like I said, we’re going to come back and get that W.”

Paul then concluded by saying: “Don’t judge me by my wins, judge me by my losses – I’m going to come back stronger.”

Jake Paul may have lost to Tommy Fury, but he certainly won in the paycheck department. With a $30 million payday, the social media star turned boxer has yet another reason to continue with his boxing career.

Paul’s was estimated to have made $38 million last year, according to Forbes. $30M from boxing and $8 million from youtube and other ventures. He was beaten only by Tyson Fury and Canelo Alvarez who made 60 and 90 million respectively.