Jake Paul blasts “s***bag” Dana White for $250,000 gift to NELK

Jake Paul has long been vocal about his feelings regarding UFC pay out structure. While Paul can be criticized for plenty of his attitudes, his opponents certainly get paid. In fact Tyron Woodley at one point confirmed he received more money for his match up than during his tenure as a UFC champion.

Recently a huge controversy was raised when Kyle Forgeard of NELK boys shared a video of himself receiving a bag of cash from Dana White.

Forgeard and Whie seemed delighted in the clip – decidedly less delighted was the entire UFC roster, much of which gets 12k to show and 12k to win. For comparison, this is an amount bigger than what Deiveson Figureiredo received for last title bout.

 “It sucks and it’s embarrassing,” Paul told WFAN Sports Radio’s Carton and Roberts show of the video. “It just shows how much of a s***bag Dana White is.”

“How could you do that to your fighters? You’re giving out birthday gifts to someone but your own flyweight champion you can’t pay him enough? And there’s no healthcare for his fighters?”

“People are really starting to see how greedy this guy is, people are really starting to see that these fighters are underpaid. There’s got to be some change made here. The more we talk about it, the more we raise awareness and the more we fight back, the more pressure they’re going to be under to pay their fighters more.”

“But it sucks, man. I feel bad for the flyweight champion…and Dana White, if you’re listening to this, bro, you really need to re-evaluate yourself and take a hard look in the mirror.”

Dana White has been taking the high road when it comes to provocations from Jake Paul, having taken an L earlier last year during their many back and forths.
Paul is angling for a large payday boxing UFC star Nate Diaz – and despite publicly saying he should go box Paul, the UFC is unwilling to let Diaz finish out his contract.