Jake Paul and Mike Tyson caution influencer boxers that don’t take the sport seriously

Jake Paul has been often subject to criticism since stepping into the realm of boxing. However, he has undoubtedly showcased an unwavering commitment to his craft.

In 2018, Jake Paul delved into the world of boxing. Since then, he has actively participated in a single amateur bout and engaged in eight professional matches. His sole loss was against Tommy Fury, the brother of the renowned heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

Jake Paul’s inclination towards boxing is not limited to himself alone. His elder sibling has been involved in the sport as well.

KSI is a long-standing rival of Paul, and has taken his involvement with boxing to the next level. He establised Misfits Boxing, a promotion company solely dedicated to ‘influencer’ boxing matches.

Nevertheless, this segment of boxing has encountered its share of criticism. This is largely stemming from its perceived trivialization of the sport. There has often been instances of tag team matches, antics at press conferences, or combatants flashing the audience.

Paul believes that some of his fellow influencers are not treating boxing with the respect it deserves.

Paul went on to speak about it on Hotboxin’ With Mike Tyson podcast. He said: “A lot of them don’t take it super seriously, that’s the problem. Well now that you do, some will. You need to tell everyone.”

Paul continued: “Hey, influencer boxing take it more seriously for real. Really lock in, three month camps, training twice a day, everyday, get yourself a serious team. Don’t just go in there and pitty-putt around. If you’re gonna do it, do it right.”

Tyson then went on to add: “Or you’re gonna get f***ed up. This the hurt business motherf***ers.” His words reiterate the harsh nature of professional boxing and the dire consequences of not approaching it with utmost seriousness.

In his most recent bout, Jake Paul demonstrated his prowess by defeating UFC veteran Nate Diaz through an unanimous decision. As for his future endeavors, Paul’s ambitions remain resolute. He seeks a rematch with Diaz, this time in the realm of MMA.