Jake Paul and Eddie Hearn made a Million dollar bet

Youtuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul is a big fan of bets.

After going 5-0 as a boxer and wreaking havoc in the world of martial art, Jake Paul is now trying his hand at promoting boxing events. The American celebrity is representing Amanda Serrano, the unified featherweight champion of the world.

Serrano is moving up to lightweight to challenge Katie Taylor’s undefeated reign.

As Serrano’s promoter, Jake Paul challenged Katie Taylor’s promoter, Eddie Hearn, to a “friendly” bet.

“I’ve got a bet for you, Eddie,” Paul said.

“I’m not getting a tattoo,” Hearn jokingly responded, referencing Tyron Woodley having to tattoo Jake Paul’s name after his loss to the Youtuber.

“I’ll bet you all the jewelry that I’m wearing right now that Amanda wins…” Paul challenged Hearn, while he showboated his expensive jewelry.

However, Eddie Hearn wasn’t having it. He quickly called on Jake Pauls’s bluff when he upped the ante of the bet.

Hearn then said he was willing to bet much more than that. The two promoters kept raising the stakes until they finally settled for a whopping million dollars.

“When Amanda wins, I’m giving your million dollars to her,” Paul jokingly said.

Money is certainly not an issue for Jake Paul. Despite being a novice, he was able to earn over $17 million during 2021.

Amanda Serrano is 42-1-1 in her career and has not lost a boxing match in over 10 years. She has 30 knockouts under her belt and is considered to be one of the most dominant female champions of our generation.

Meanwhile, Katie Taylor is an Olympic gold medalist and has never lost a single match. The two female champions will be making history by being the first women to headline a boxing event in Madison Square Garden. The bout will be taking place this Saturday, April 30th.