Jake Paul accuses Floyd Mayweather of ‘ruining the sport’ after Mayweather insisted Paul leave before his performance

Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul delivered a harsh critique of Floyd Mayweather. Jake said that Mayweather is ruining boxing with his unprofessional style.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. retired from professional boxing after facing MMA star Conor McGgreror in 2017. ‘Money’ retired undefeated with an immense record consisting of 50 victories and no defeats. However, Mayweather is far from retirement when it comes to exhibition bouts.

The 45-year-old is making easy money in exhibition bouts. He has competed 5 times with only 2 of his opponents having a background in martial arts. His most recent bout was on November 13 when he took on KSI’s brother Deji Olatunji in Dubai, UAE.

As a social media star, Deji’s expertise in boxing can’t be compared to Floyd Mayweather. The action went as everyone expected with Mayweather heavily dominating Deji. They were booked for 8 rounds but the match ended in the 6th round after a technical knockout.

One thing that’s hard to miss in this match was Mayweather’s attitude. He kept dancing and laughing while out matching Deji. Following the end of the event, boxing star Jake Paul slammed Mayweather for his behavior, saying that the former world champion is ruining the sport.

“Floyd Mayweather is ruining the sport of boxing to pay his unpaid taxes.” Jake Paul wrote on his Twitter account.

Jake Paul was in attendance at the event. Several reports stated that Floyd Maywather refused to walk to the ring until ‘The Problem Child’ left the arena.

In lead up to the event Mayweather slammed Paul saying that he’s one opponent away from someone exposing him and retiring.

“See, a lot of times when you say certain things, you don’t want what you say you want. So Jake Paul’s got problems right here (pointing to Fury). I mean, he’s doing good for what he’s doing.”

“Like I said, for what he’s doing. It is what it is, it’s a lot of talk. It’s different when you get to the highest level, Roy Jones can attest for that. Claressa [Shields] and so many others fighters.”

“Once he gets in there with a real fighter, that can really fight, it’s going to be over for him. So he’s got to enjoy it while he can. Is he doing good? Absolutely, for what he’s doing. Guys 50, guys 40, of course.”

“Does he want to fight me? Of course, I’m almost 50-years-old, of course he wants to fight me.”