Jake Paul accuses Dillon Danis and KSI of “Staging” altercation

Jake Paul knows a thing or two about publicity stunts. This is, perhaps, why he chose to call out two of his foes when they engaged in what was possibly a pre-planned confrontation.

Paul has responded to the “staged” confrontation between KSI and Dillon Danis from yesterday.

Dillon Danis has gained notoriety as Conor McGregor’s jiu-jitsu coach. He interrupted yesterday’s Misfits 003 boxing weigh-ins and was involved in two different altercations.

The Bellator MMA competitor first got into it with YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI, who is also the owner and face of the fledgling organization. Danis threw a drink at KSI at a clearly pre-planned confrontation that was videoed and quickly distributed online complete with an ad embedded on the bottom.

The confrontation came just a couple days after Tyron Woodley accused KSI of backing out of their boxing contract. It was Woodley that convincingly won a poll to be the next boxing opponent of KSI online, with Danis coming in 2nd.

Shortly after the confrontation, Dillon Danis left the area but MMA vet turned pop-boxer Anthony Taylor pursued him and attacked him in the parking lot.

Taylor is a Bellator veteran in his own right. He decided to smack Danis in the face with a powerful right in a never-ending quest for attention. Taylor previously tried antagonizing Floyd Mayweather during his open work outs.

Jake Paul has turned to Twitter to discuss what happened during Friday’s Misfits Boxing 3 weigh-ins.

Paul tweeted, “Nothing worse than a staged run in with coffee being thrown and then you go outside and get your ass whooped by some real ones.”

Danis and KSI will be boxing each other on January 14th 2023. This will be a first boxing outing for Danis who was previously in negotiations with both Jake Paul and Logan Paul at different points in time.

His last attempt to box was cancelled when Logan Paul revealed he had torn his knee apart during his participation in WWE’s Crown Jewels.

Not to mention Jake Paul staged an altercation with Dillon Danis on the food truck diaries with the help of Brendan Schaub

“I told [Dillon Danis] that there’s a chance [Jake Paul’s] coming. I said, ‘Hey just like, you know, I talked to Jake and Logan last night and he said he might come by and he goes, ‘Bro, if he comes, I’ll beat the s**t out of him.’ I went, ‘No doubt. But you have one leg. One leg.'”

Paul ended up infamously pranking Danis by throwing several water balloons at him while yelling at him “Conor McGregor’s b***h”.

Danis was shooting an episode of the Food Truck Diaries with Brendan Schaub in Santa Monica, California when the incident took place.

Danis then tried to confront Paul and his friends, but the group sped away in the pickup truck before he could catch up.

Logan Paul went on to add it was all his idea.

“You know where your mistake was in that whole thing? You told me that you were having Dillon Danis on the next day. I said, ‘Yo, Jake, Dillon’s gonna be here tomorrow at this time. Consider rolling up.'”