Streamer Jack Doherty challenges Andrew Tate to boxing match for insulting his girlfriend

Internet sensation Jack Doherty is making headlines again, this time for challenging former kickboxer Andrew Tate to a boxing match. This is because Tate recently made disparaging commets directed at Doherty’s girlfriend, McKinley Richardson.

Jack Doherty has cemented his presence across various social media platforms, amassing a staggering 9 million followers on TikTok and 13 million subscribers on YouTube. However, his fame extends beyond mere numbers. Doherty creates content for OnlyFans and promotes it on the majority of his social media accounts.

Doherty is also known for his controversial content, including a recent ‘prank’ where he approached people in a mall as if he wanted to brawl with them.

While Doherty has been entangled in several online spats recently, his clash with controversial social media influencer Andrew Tate takes center stage.

On February 7, Tate took a swipe at Doherty’s girlfriend in a video of Doherty’s girlfriend taking an interview. Tate expressed his disdain for both women. He said: “I am super happy I have no idea who either of these w**res are.”

Doherty responded by challenging Tate to a boxing match, defending his girlfriend’s honor.

In a bold move, Doherty openly called out Tate on social media. He wrote: “Let’s box @Cobratate.”

He shared a screenshot of Tate’s statement along with an open dare to box Tate to protect his girlfriend’s dignity.

This challenge raises the stakes, considering Tate’s extensive combat sports background. As a former professional kickboxer boasting a record of 76 wins and nine losses, Tate brings a wealth of experience to any potential bout.

Despite Doherty’s courage, fans express skepticism about his ability to measure up to Tate in a physical confrontation. Comments beneath Doherty’s post reflect doubt regarding his chances in a test of strength against the seasoned kickboxer.

Tate has not yet responded to Doherty’s challenge on his public Twitter/X account.

As of now, Tate’s silence leaves Doherty’s call for a boxing match unanswered. May were intrigued by the possibility of witnessing Doherty face off against Tate in the next influencer-boxing spectacle.