Israel Adesanya slams Jon Jones, says he learns from his mistakes unlike Jones

As proven by Adesanya’s latest jab at Jones, the long-running rivalry between MMA legends is still going on.

Adesanya discussed the benefits and drawbacks of becoming a UFC megastar in a video posted to The Rock’s YouTube channel. The Nigerian-born New Zealander stated that he isn’t flawless. However, he is much superior to Jones in avoiding problems, or so he believes.


“I’m living a crazy life, man. And it is crazy. I’m still learning. I’m still human, and I make mistakes, but I never make the same mistake more than once.”

“I learn from my mistakes. That’s the difference between me and all the people who end up on TMZ. So, yeah.”

One of the show’s presenters speculated that Israel Adesanya was alluding to TMZ’s coverage of Jon Jones’ run-ins with the authorities.

Adesanya recently posted an adult clip of himself on story proving that perhaps he and Jones aren’t so dissimilar as it might seem.

Adesanya hinted that he was indeed slamming Jones. However, he declined to go into details, preferring to keep his jibes at Jon Jones subtle.

Over the last several years, Adesanya and Jones have been embroiled in a bitter rivalry. Adesanya has said that he will face Jones at some point.

Adesanya confessed that he used to be a fan of Jones on the Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson podcast earlier this year. He recounted when he found out that Jones intended to fight Adesanya, they became rivals.

Adesanya said he moved from being a fan of Jones to feeling sorry for him after his repeated arrests over the years.

“When I see sh** like this, even this one. When I saw this I felt like I’m empathetic. I’m human being, you know.”

“I’m like, ‘Man, what a waste of potential.’ Also, the fact that he’s been popped for ste roids how many f***ing times.”

Jones has relinquished his light heavyweight title in August 2020 and has been preparing for his heavyweight debut since then. On the other hand, Adesanya attempted to win the light heavyweight championship in March 2021. However, he was defeated by then-champion Jan Blachowicz in a unanimous decision.

He recently made an appearance on the Flagrant 2 with Andrew Schulz and Akaash Singh and there he got to roast Jones with the help of two professional comedians. During the very first minute of the podcast the 3 engage on the following exchange:

“I’ve noticed that you’ve been painting your nails, you’ve been painting your toenails – is this because you’re trying to trick Jon Jones into fighting you?”

Stylebender replied: “Oh man, that’s funny. Um no this is just – you know – I mean it’s rude if you’re gonna keep kicks on in the face you gotta, you know, because my toenails make me look like Bach”