Israel Adesanya hit by Drake Curse in the biggest upset in UFC middleweight history

Drake’s penchant for wagering on UFC matches has become a familiar tale, with a predictable outcome for the combatant he supports. His reputation for inadvertently jinxing athletes across various sports is well-established.

In the lead-up to UFC 293, the Canadian rapper-songwriter placed a substantial $500,000 bet on Israel Adesanya’s victory against Sean Strickland via KO. This bet was not out of character, as Drake consistently backs Adesanya before each of his matches.

He bet $50000 on Adesanya defeating Sean Strickland via knockout. According to the betting slip he posted on Instagram, the expected payoff was $920,000.

Unfortunately for Adesanya, the outcome was not in his favor. Sean Strickland secured a unanimous decision victory in the main event, perpetuating the infamous ‘Drake Curse’.

The jest surrounding the ‘Drake Curse’ emerged from a string of consecutive losses suffered by athletes after Drake had placed bets on them. Adesanya’s defeat to Alex Pereira at UFC 281 stands as a prominent example, costing the musician a substantial sum.

But it’s worth noting that Adesanya had previously managed to overcome the ‘Drake Curse’, most notably in his victory over Jared Cannonier at UFC 276.

The match witnessed Adesanya facing adversity in the closing moments of the first round, enduring a barrage of punches. He was saved from a potential TKO by the bell.

Adesanya staged a remarkable comeback in the second round, leading to a relatively evenly-matched third round.

In the fourth round, Strickland seized control with an impressive display of aggressive offense and astute defense.

The judges delivered a unanimous decision, scoring the bout 49-46 in Strickland’s favour, underscoring his dominance.