Israel Adesanya gives INCREDIBLE octagon interview after reclaiming UFC middleweight title

On Saturday, Israel Adesanya achieved an incredible victory over Alex Pereira to reclaim his UFC middleweight title in a highly anticipated rematch. Adesanya delivered a powerful second-round knockout to seal his triumph over the Brazilian.

Adesanya’s victory marked the fourth time the two middleweights had met, and the first occasion in which Adesanya emerged as the victor. The win was particularly poignant for Adesanya, who had previously lost his title to Pereira in November 2022.

After, Adesanya gave an inspiring speech to his fans, urging them to go for their dreams and achieve their goals. He emphasized that taking action and going after something was the key to experiencing the level of happiness he was feeling in that moment.

‘I hope every one of you behind the screens can feel this level of happiness just one time in your life. ‘

‘But guess what: You will never feel this level of happiness if you don’t go for something.’

‘When they talk s*** about you, when they put a foot on your neck, and if you stay down, you will never get that result.’

He continued: ‘Fortify your mind, and feel this level of happiness once in your life, but I am blessed to be able to feel this s*** again and again and again and again.’

‘In his story I’m the antagonist. I’m the bad guy, but tonight it’s my story. The hunter has become the hunted.

‘Thank you for beating me, because beating me has made me a better fighter.’

During his interview, Adesanya expressed his happiness and gratitude for being able to reclaim his title. He stated that he hoped his fans could experience this level of happiness at least once in their lives, but emphasized that they would never achieve it if they didn’t go after their dreams.

Adesanya highlighted the importance of fortifying one’s mind and not giving up, even in the face of adversity. He encouraged his fans to keep pushing forward and to never let anyone bring them down or hold them back.

Despite their bitter rivalry, Adesanya showed respect and admiration for Pereira after the fight. He acknowledged Pereira’s skill and determination and referred to him as a great champion, even in defeat.

Adesanya acknowledged that in Pereira’s story, he was the antagonist and the bad guy, but in that moment, the tables had turned. He was the hunter who had become the hunted, and he had emerged victorious.

Adesanya’s victory over Pereira was not an easy one. In the second round, Pereira had Adesanya on the backfoot with a flurry of shots that pushed him towards the back of the octagon. However, Adesanya quickly regained his composure and landed a big right-hand of his own that sent Pereira stumbling.

With his opponent weakened, Adesanya ramped up the pressure and landed another crushing right that forced Pereira to the canvas, leading to the action being waved off.