Israel Adesanya called out a crypto tycoon online in a ‘self deleting’ message

Israel Adesanya recently made an interesting lengthy post on his instagram story – which he promptly deleted.


In it, Adesanya outlines the following:

“This message will self destruct in…”
“I got time today, but I’ll keep it short…like your d**k.”

“Guys just imagine if I got that pressed over social media comments
from an old post To the point of threatening lives over

“Imma save the rest for later.”

“Man I feel bad for all the people who got scammed by them
“Thugs”. I woulda warned you, but it wasn’t my place. As I’ve said I
don’t yarn about local bums on a worldwide platform, but you as a
bottom feeding maggot will never learn. ”

“The ONLY thing you care
about is your image and how you are perceived on social media. To
the point you’re crying about it and throwing a hissyfit like a child.”

“I can prove you’re a scammer, r**ist amongst other things and
crumble your wannabe “Mr cool guy image” like thanos. Do me a
favour and release my nudes, or whatever you think you have haha.”

“How can a man have so much but yet be so empty inside, you’ve
lost everything and the control you have so you’re spiraling. Focus
on your own life, maybe you’ll make some of the money back that
you lost in this crypto crash. ”

“Or don’t, keep focusing on me and
everything I do, I KNOW you’re my biggest fan, f**kin maggot.
K, I gotta go use my fingers to make it rain again 101. You can tell
people what that means too haha. F**k you and suck a d**k bi*ch!”

According to sources, the story is aimed at Sam Ratumaitavuki. Ratumaitavuki has 1.1 million follows on instagram and describes himself as entrepreneur.

Ratumaitavuki is the founder of Trillionaire Thugs NFT. Ratumaitavuki also boasts of being a rapper, mobile game entrepreneur and former bodybuilding champ.

TT was a modestly successful NFT launch with merch selling for $54.90. You can listen to half a dozen songs about Trillionaire Thugs. There are 140,000 people in the Trillionaire Thugs Discord server. They had launch parties in Dubai and Miami.

Considering the entire NFT market is more or less done it’s no surprise Adesanya accused this project of being a bust.

Now this isn’t a great look for Adesanya because Ratumaitavuki is no ordinary influencer. There are reports of him pleading guilty for robbery and additional charges – with his co conspirator being James Kisina. Kisina brothers are deeply intertwined in trafficking and have a myriad of legal issues under their belt.

Here’s to hoping Adesanya sorts out whatever medical issues he has and returns to the UFC cage and stays out of trouble.