Israel Adesanya believes Chinese promoters brought him there to help pad records of locals

Current UFC middleweight champion is considered to be one of the top competitors at the UFC. At UFC 287, Adesanya defeated Alex Pereira to regain back his title and solidify his place as one of the best competitors.

Adesanya has come a long way from his kickboxing days in China. His journey to the top was not an easy one, but his passion and dedication to the sport helped him overcome all the challenges he faced.

Before Adesanya became a household name in the UFC, he was a kickboxer in the regional scene in China. He had to compete in nearly 24 bouts in 10-11 months. Being a foreign competitor, he faced many hardships and was brought there to be a journeyman for their people to beat up.

However, Adesanya’s talent and strength were too much for his opponents. They signed him on the team and gave him the biggest contract for a foreign competitor they’ve ever given.

Recently, Adesanya spoke to Emilio Urrutia in an interview. Urrutia is a former MMA competitor and ONE Championship veteran. The two discussed MMA extensively during their conversation, and Adesanya went into great depth regarding his stay in China throughout their talk.

Adesanya stated: “I think I had in 11 months 10 months I think I had 24 fights, yeah. There was one month I fought four times and had three knockouts. It was crazy, and they weren’t, look I wasn’t brought there to be long or whatever they brought me over there to be a journeyman for their people to beat up, that’s what.”

He added: “But they realize they can’t f*ck with this guy. So they signed me on the team, gave me think the biggest contract for foreign fighter they’ve given and yeah it was a good time.”

Adesanya also described the difficulties he encountered and how foreign competitors are treated in China. But even in the most hostile circumstances, his love for the sport kept him going.

Adesanya now has a number of various options available since he is one of the top competitors in the UFC. He now competes three to four times each year, earning millions of dollars.

Israel Adesanya is expected to face the wiiner of Robert Whittaker and Dricus Du Plessis.